User manual and API documentation for the Auger Package Environment (ape)

This is the documentation for release 0.99-v3r3p2a of ape. Please consult the ape trac pages for the documentation of other releases.

The Auger Package Environment (ape) is a tool to install the software suite of the Pierre Auger Observatory. It installs the Offline software.

The services provided by ape include:

  • Package download.
  • Unpacking, building, and installing of packages.
  • Setting up of a build environment to compile, test, and execute software dependent on the packages installed with ape.
  • Status and other reports.

Dependencies between packages are handled during all the processes.

For more information, consult the documentation listed below, especially the Ape user guide. We also have a PDF version of the documentation available.

The development of ape is hosted at the ape trac pages.

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