User manual and API documentation for the Auger Package Environment (ape)

This is the documentation for release 1.00dev of ape. Please consult the ape trac pages for the documentation of other releases.

The Auger Package Environment (ape) is a tool to install the software suite of the Pierre Auger Observatory. It installs the Offline software.

The services provided by ape include:

  • Package download.
  • Unpacking, building, and installing of packages.
  • Setting up of a build environment to compile, test, and execute software dependent on the packages installed with ape.
  • Status and other reports.

Dependencies between packages are handled during all the processes.

For more information, consult the documentation listed below, especially the Ape user guide. We also have a PDF version of the documentation available.

The development of ape is hosted at the ape trac pages.

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